Your Advantage

Your Advantage – Our Reason for Existing

Public Warehouse AdvantageBuilding positive, productive relationships with our clients, community and industry has been the hallmark to our longevity. Engaging and empowering bright, energetic employees and partners means you get a company that innovates through best-in-the-world logistics and information management.

"High Five" Process: Everything we do has been inspired by opening opportunities through advantage-based logistics. Your advantage is our reason for existing. We call our process "High Five" because we want everyone "high fiving" one another celebrating how seamlessly things got done by leaving no aspect of logistics undone. All the best practices in the industry are put into motion for you, based on decades of know-how that considers every nuance of your unique logistics needs.

First: Envision... Seeing what you can't see

Second: Nurture... Understanding what is needed versus wanted

Third: Execute... Doing logistics better, smarter, and faster

Fourth: Optimize... Improving efficiency through innovation

Fifth: Perform... Confirming expectations, setting standards, & leading by example

LogiFLEX Public Warehousing: Just as you hate to see wasted space, downtime, or production lags, we do too. Our LogiFLEX Public Warehousing proves our agility advantage in being able to expand or compress space according to your warehousing needs. Our goal is to help make your overhead costs lower and profits higher for your business. We'll review your storage needs to confirm if flexible warehousing is a good fit according to seasonality and market demand valleys and peaks, and then propose a warehouse usage plan that bills you only for the space you actually use.

Public WarehhousingBeing located in Charlotte, NC offers many advantages...