Rail Support

Direct Connect – Double the Access

From pick-up to final destination, your rail support needs a single-source logistics provider offering multiple solutions with cost savings, timely delivery and safe transport always top of mind. Direct access to railway lines serving our complex gives you the advantage of seamless transloading from truck to rail, rail to truck, or rail to container.

As a Warehouse Connect Partner with Norfolk Southern railways, we can accommodate multiple line-up locations with shuttle service to warehousing from rail.

Warehouse Connect  Partner with Norfolk Southern Railways
Transloading services
Rail Served Logistics

Tech Advantage

Supported by “state of the art” 3PL WMS application. Experienced in supporting client applications including SAP, BPCS, JBA, ADAGE, and custom systems via your connectivity requirements.

  • Customer self-service web portal reporting
  • Flexible order processing alternatives
  • EDI capability
  • RF equipped warehouses
  • WMS built for Third Party Logistics
  • Appointment Management

Charlotte Advantage

Distribution Technology gives you centralized access with an ideal Mid-Atlantic location, supported by:

  • Warehouse Connect Partnership with Norfolk Southern
  • Direct access to railway lines
  • Rail to truck & rail to container